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Bedford Electric Water Pump Controller: Efficient and Reliable Solutions for Water Supply Systems

Bedford Electric introduces the B603PRO High Performance VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) for water pump controllers. This advanced technology ensures efficient and reliable operation of water supply systems in various applications. With its intelligent design and cutting-edge features, the B603PRO offers superior performance and control.

Integrated Intelligent Controller For Pumps

The Bedford Electric water pump controller features an integrated intelligent controller that optimizes pump operations. This controller is specifically designed to achieve constant differential pressure control in central air-conditioning water circulation systems. By maintaining a consistent pressure, it ensures a smooth and uninterrupted water supply, enhancing the overall efficiency of the system.

Support Multi-Pump Linkage and Multiple Fault Protection

One of the standout features of the B603PRO water pump controller is its support for multi-pump linkage. This functionality allows for the synchronization and coordination of multiple pumps, enabling an efficient and balanced water supply. Additionally, the controller incorporates multiple fault protection mechanisms, safeguarding the system against potential issues and minimizing downtime.


Bedford Electric’s water pump controller, exemplified by the B603PRO model, offers high performance and intelligent control for water supply systems. With features like constant pressure control, multi-pump linkage, and multiple fault protection, these controllers provide reliable operation and ensure consistent water supply in various settings. Bedford Electric’s commitment to excellence and widespread recognition make them a trusted choice for water supply equipment.

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