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Diagnostic Catheter: APT Medical’s Angiopointer™ Hydrophilic Angiographic Catheter for Superior Diagnostics

When it comes to the field of diagnostic catheters, APT Medical is a renowned brand that has revolutionized vascular interventions with its innovative products. APT Medical specializes in offering cutting-edge solutions in the form of their Angiopointer™ Hydrophilic Angiographic Catheter. This article will highlight the features and benefits of this remarkable diagnostic catheter, emphasizing its role in delivering superior diagnostics.

What is Diagnostic Catheter

A diagnostic catheter plays a critical role in helping medical professionals obtain accurate and precise diagnostic information. APT Medical’s Angiopointer™ Hydrophilic Angiographic Catheter is designed with the latest technology to greatly enhance the diagnostic capabilities of healthcare providers.

Features of the Angiopointer™ Hydrophilic Angiographic Catheter

  1. Metal Mesh Braided Structure:

The metal mesh braided structure of the catheter offers outstanding torque control and kink resistance. This ensures that the catheter can be maneuvered with ease, providing exceptional control during procedures. Additionally, the large lumen of the catheter allows for a higher flow rate, enabling the efficient delivery of contrast media.

  1. Hydrophilic Coating:

The hydrophilic coating on the catheter ensures smooth advancement through the vessels, reducing trauma to blood vessels and enhancing patient comfort. The catheter’s hydrophilic properties also facilitate super-selective angiography, allowing medical professionals to target specific areas more accurately. The catheter’s distal and proximal parts are uncoated, ensuring stable contrast media injection.

  1. Soft and Atraumatic Tip:

The Angiopointer™ Hydrophilic Angiographic Catheter features a round and soft tip that minimizes irritation to the vessel wall. This design allows for good visualization under fluoroscopy, aiding in the precise placement of the catheter.


APT Medical’s Angiopointer™ Hydrophilic Angiographic Catheter is a remarkable product that significantly enhances the diagnostic capabilities of physicians. With its metal mesh braided structure, hydrophilic coating, soft tip, and gradually increasing softness of the shaft, this catheter offers exceptional control, maneuverability, and patient comfort during vascular interventions. APT Medical continues to be a trusted brand in the medical industry, delivering innovative solutions that positively impact patient outcomes.

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