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Hanshow Stellar Pro: Elevating Retail Efficiency with Digital Shelf Edge Labels

Hanshow Stellar Pro takes electronic shelf labels (ESL) to new heights, building upon the success of the classic Stellar series. Trusted by countless stores worldwide, Stellar Pro showcases advancements in battery life, ESL chip technology, storage capacity, and overall performance. With its durability, stability, clear displays, and fast update speeds, the digital shelf edge labels Stellar Pro are the ultimate solution for digital price tags.

Enhancing Efficiency and Boosting Profits with Stellar Pro

Stellar Pro provides numerous benefits that improve store efficiency and drive profitability.

  1. Remote Updates for Seamless Price Management

With Stellar Pro, stores can effortlessly update prices remotely, eliminating the need for time-consuming and costly manual price changes. This streamlined process saves valuable time for store personnel and ensures consistent pricing accuracy throughout the entire store.

  1. Cost Reduction and Sustainability

By adopting Stellar Pro’s digital shelf edge labels, stores can eliminate the need for paper price tags, resulting in significant cost savings and reducing environmental impact. Over its impressive 10-year lifespan, Stellar Pro’s elimination of paper tags proves to be a sustainable and cost-effective solution.

  1. Enhanced Inventory Management

Stellar Pro’s high-resolution screen allows for comprehensive product information and inventory management display. Store personnel can efficiently track inventory levels, making informed decisions about restocking and reducing instances of out-of-stock products. This feature optimizes inventory management processes, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and increased sales.


Hanshow Stellar Pro represents the pinnacle of digital price tags, offering unparalleled efficiency, cost reduction, and revenue growth opportunities for retailers. With its advanced features and compatibility, Stellar Pro is a catalyst for holistic digital transformation in the retail industry.

Unlock the potential of digital shelf edge labels with Hanshow Stellar Pro and propel your store towards enhanced efficiency, profitability, and customer engagement. Experience the future of ESL technology and elevate your retail operations to new heights.

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