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Sansure Biotech: Revolutionizing Molecular Diagnostics with Iponatic

Sansure Biotech, a leading in vitro diagnostic solution provider, is transforming the field of molecular diagnostics with its innovative product, Iponatic. It is a portable molecular workstation that integrates cutting-edge technologies to deliver fast and accurate results. We shall examine how Sansure Biotech and Iponatic are redefining molecular diagnostics in this post.

Advancing Diagnostic Technologies:

Sansure Biotech is at the forefront of developing internationally leading core technologies in the field of molecular diagnostics. Iponatic, with its one-tube fast release technology and rapid PCR amplification, represents a significant advancement in sample processing, nucleic acid extraction, and result interpretation. By combining these technologies into a portable workstation, Sansure Biotech enables healthcare professionals to obtain results within a short span of 8-45 minutes, leading to faster and more efficient diagnosis.

High Mobility and Adaptability:

One of the key features of Iponatic is its high-level mobility and adaptability. Traditional diagnostic methods often require complex instruments and dedicated laboratory settings, limiting their application to specific locations. However, Iponatic breaks through these limitations by providing a portable solution that can be used in various scenarios such as medical laboratories, emergency rooms, fever clinics, remote areas, CDCs, airports, and customs. Its ease of use and portability make it an invaluable tool in situations where immediate and accurate diagnosis is crucial.

Global Impact and Recognition:

Sansure Biotech’s dedication to innovation and service has propelled its products and solutions to over 160 countries and regions worldwide. The company has obtained certificates in more than 65 countries, including NMPA, CE, MHRA, SFDA, ANVISA, and TGA, highlighting the global recognition and acceptance of its diagnostic technologies. Through the “5+10” overseas strategy, Sansure Biotech aims to expand its reach and impact by targeting five regions and ten countries, ensuring that its innovative genetic technologies benefit people around the world.


Sansure Biotech, with its commitment to innovation and service, is revolutionizing the field of molecular diagnostics. Iponatic, the portable molecular workstation, combines advanced technologies to deliver fast and accurate results, making it a game-changer in the healthcare industry. With its global presence and an extensive range of diagnostic solutions, Sansure Biotech is driving the adoption of genetic technologies and building a healthier future for all.

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