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What is European handicap? 4 Correct playing methods to win big

European odds have long been an irreplaceable part for football betting enthusiasts. Today, for new players, this is still a relatively strange concept. Same mb66 Learn specifically to see what the above concept is and the correct playing methods to win big will also be revealed in the article below.

Grasp the concept of European handicap

European odds in football are also known as 1×2 odds. This is also the symbol of this type of bet on the odds table often provided by bookmakers. With this form of betting, players will easily determine which team is stronger and which team is weaker through the corresponding ratio table.

Specifically, the symbol of European odds will be understood as follows:

  • 1: The home team representative wins
  • x: Represents two tied teams
  • 2: Represents the winning away team

The player’s task will be to predict the outcome of the match and choose 1 of the 3 doors they think is most likely to happen. The notable point is that bettors will not need to care about the exact score of the match. The key to deciding whether they win European football odds or not is choosing the right team to win, lose or draw.

In general, the way 1×2 odds operate is completely simple and not difficult for bettors to grasp the gameplay after just a few tries. However, on the other hand, making a profit from European football betting is not at all easy. The winning rate of 33.34% is a factor that always stimulates players to carefully study many factors before the ball rolls if they want to benefit from this type of bet.

The most accurate way to calculate European odds today

After learning an overview of European odds, now would be the right time for bettors to grasp how to calculate 1×2 soccer odds in specific cases. In a football match, this method of play will be applied in the first half and throughout the match.

The player’s task will be to choose one of three situations that they think is most likely to happen: The home team wins, the away team wins or the two teams draw. They will win and receive a bonus if the bet they choose corresponds to the outcome of that match.

The amount of profit that the player will receive from the 1×2 bet will be determined as follows:

European odds = Capital * Payout rate of that bet (Win, Draw, Lose).

The following will be a specific example of how to calculate European odds to help you easily visualize. In the match between Arsenal vs Tottenham with European odds of 3.45*5.61*3.31, Mr. P bet 1,000,000 VND on Arsenal winning the whole match. The match ended with a 3-1 victory for the Gunners, which means Mr. P won the bet and the profit amount will be determined according to the formula:

European odds = 1,000,000 VND * 3.45 = 3,450,000 VND.

Correct playing method to win big in European handicaps

AsAsian handicap Before participating, we should refer to the correct playing methods to easily win. Football betting experts will comment in detail below.
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Learn carefully about the performance of the two teams

Understanding the team’s performance in recent times is a prerequisite for players to choose the right bet in European handicaps. Evaluate specifically the matches they play at home and away and create hypothetical situations about the upcoming match.

Grasp the force situation before the ball kicks off

The force situation of each team before each match has a significant impact on the final result. Sometimes just losing a few important pillars can make a team completely weaker. Besides a team of many good players, evaluate whether those players can coordinate well with each other because football is a sport that emphasizes teamwork.

Balance capital resources appropriately

Currently, many players disregard the importance of capital management and have had to receive a bitter end when playing European handicaps. You need to understand that betting unscientifically will make the process of making profits more difficult. Divide your budget reasonably and limit betting all your “eggs” in one basket.

Choose a highly reputable house

In the final step, choosing a reputable bookmaker to place your trust in will ensure that players receive bonuses worthy of their efforts. All previous calculations and moves will become meaningless if you do not place your trust in the right place.

Above is all the interesting information related to European handicaps and the right way to play to win big. Hopefully readers of MB66 will not face any difficulties when playing 1×2 odds.

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