BIPO – A Trusted Global HR Service Provider

For businesses operating in multiple locations around the world, managing a global workforce can be daunting. This is where BIPO comes in. As a leading global HR service provider, BIPO offers comprehensive solutions that simplify workforce management.

BIPO: A One-Stop Solution for Global HR and Payroll Management

With their cloud-based HRMS platform, businesses can manage their global workforce with ease. The platform allows for tracking work hours, monitoring labor costs, and ensuring compliance with local regulations from one centralized location. Their integrated HR and payroll management system streamlines processes, improving efficiency, and giving businesses more time to focus on growth.

BIPO believes that the employee experience is just as important as the employer’s experience. They offer onboarding support, including work permit applications to payroll and tax compliance, and competitive benefits packages that comply with country regulations. This ensures that their clients’ employees have access to the benefits they need to stay motivated and productive.

With clientele exceeding 3300 worldwide and expertise across 150+ markets, businesses can trust BIPO to provide the highest level of support. Their flexible setup options allow them to configure different claim types, policies, and approval levels to suit each client’s business needs. Additionally, their mobile app enables employees to view, track, and manage their expense claims effortlessly.


If businesses are looking for a trusted global HR service provider, they can rely on BIPO. Their comprehensive range of services, integrated HR and payroll management platform, and expert support make it possible for businesses to manage their workforce efficiently.

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