Enhance Mushroom Cultivation with Hontech Wins’ Agricultural LED Lighting Solutions in the Netherlands

Hontech Wins, a trusted supplier of agricultural LED lighting solutions, has successfully implemented their advanced LED lighting system in a mushroom house project in the Netherlands. With their HT-T12AC35W18FD non-dimmable T12 LED tubes, Hontech Wins has optimized the lighting conditions to support efficient mushroom cultivation. With a focus on energy efficiency and productivity, Hontech Wins emerges as the go-to partner for mushroom farmers seeking reliable and high-quality agricultural LED lighting solutions.

Tailored LED Lighting for Mushroom Houses:

The installed HT-T12AC35W18FD non-dimmable T12 LED tubes play a crucial role in creating an optimal lighting environment for mushroom cultivation. These 1800mm LED tubes feature a 180-degree beam angle, ensuring wide and uniform light distribution throughout the mushroom house. With a color spectrum of 6500K, the LED tubes provide cool white light, promoting healthy mushroom growth and development. Hontech Wins’ LED tubes offer long-lasting performance and energy efficiency, providing an ideal solution for mushroom farmers.

Benefits of Agricultural LED Lighting:

Agricultural LED lighting offers numerous benefits for mushroom cultivation. The specific light spectrum and intensity provided by Hontech Wins’ LED tubes can enhance mushroom growth, improve crop yield, and optimize energy consumption. LED lighting also allows for precise control over light cycles, creating favorable conditions for different growth stages. The longevity and durability of LED technology make it a cost-effective and sustainable lighting solution for mushroom houses.

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Trust Hontech Wins as Your Agricultural LED Lighting Supplier:

Hontech Wins has built a strong reputation as a reliable supplier of agricultural LED lighting solutions. Their commitment to product excellence, quality control, and customer satisfaction sets them apart in the industry. By choosing Hontech Wins as their lighting partner, mushroom farmers in the Netherlands can benefit from innovative LED solutions tailored to their specific needs, enhancing mushroom cultivation efficiency and productivity.


Hontech Wins’ successful mushroom house project in the Netherlands showcases their expertise in providing efficient and reliable agricultural LED lighting solutions. The HT-T12AC35W18FD LED tubes offer optimal light distribution and a suitable color spectrum for mushroom growth. As a trusted supplier of agricultural LED lighting, Hontech Wins continues to deliver high-quality LED solutions that cater to the unique requirements of mushroom farmers. Choose Hontech Wins as your agricultural LED lighting partner and unlock the potential of their advanced LED solutions for your mushroom house in the Netherlands.

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